Friday, July 06, 2007

Just a Quick Theological Note Regarding Breakfast Meat

I had an epiphany last night, which I was initially reluctant to share with you. On second thought, however, I've decided to send it floating out into the stream of ideas.

My realization is this: Bacon is a lot like Jesus.

For instance, we eat bacon, and during communion, (at least in the Catholic version) we eat the Lord.

Conversely, most Jews (with the exception perhaps of Mitch) don't eat bacon. Nor, do they take communion.

Uncooked bacon floats. Jesus walked on water.

Bacon is cured. Jesus cured the lepers.

Jesus died for our sins. Bacon died for breakfast. The list, it seems, goes on and on...


  1. My wife's entire family is 7th day adventist. Basically, in a nut shell, think Jews for Jesus. They follow the same "clean" versus "unclean" scenario for meats and go to church on Saturday. But, I have found one loop hole: BACON. Dear god, they eat that stuff like it came from the last piggy on earth.

    Three cheers for bacon!! It may keep you out of heaven but it sure tastes good.

  2. That can be said about a lot of things...

  3. I'm thinking that should be the new slogan for pork.

  4. I'll get the T-shirts printed...

  5. American bacon is weird

  6. Oddly - most folks practicing in organized religions which forbid it have an "exception" when it comes to bacon...

    Hell, I know vegetarians that aren't that strict on it!

    As discussed in Pulp Fiction: "Bacon tastes good... pork chops taste goooood..."

    As Jim Gaffigan points you - You know that bacon is the uber-food, when you use it to improve OTHER foods by wrapping them in it. Hey, don't like scallops? What about wrapped in bacon?
    Or, when you put it in a salad... and you're pretty much done with the salad, but it becomes a treasure hunt for the last pieces of bacon.

    I agree. Breakfast on its own is good... but bacon is divine.

  7. Lisa -- American bacon is nothing compared to the popular blood sausage on your side of the pond. LOL ;)

  8. Bacon is god. God is bacon.

  9. I had an epiphany last night, which I was initially reluctant to share with you

    What's going on here? What about Bacon is God was somehow perhaps not lounge material?

  10. Ux has a point. We could even create a Lounge version of communion. Anyone up for replacing bread and wine with a gin and tonic and some bacon?

  11. ...In the name of Adama the Father, Adama the Son, and Christina Ricci...

  12. yes, but how do you feel about sausage???


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