Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Panties and Polo Shirts

Mitch was recently surprised to learn that I was the first, and perhaps only, purchaser of a Syndicate shirt from Cafe Press . I confirmed, in fact, that it is a nice-quality item of clothing. Very comfortable, and quite unique.

Just to be clear, I am also the proud owner of a stripper-related t-shirt inspired by Dave's novel, "Wingman."

Recently, I have been pondering my own place in the world of self-promoting clothing. I Suspect that a few Lounge-related items on Cafe Press might generate a little buzzz...

The biggest question, i suppose, is just what would be offered...

Panties to be sure.

Thong panties, with some horribly lascivious logo printed on the patch.

And polo shirts, too, I suppose. You know, for the guys...
But what logo? What catch phrase or image best captures the spirit of the Lounge? Certainly, certain icons come to mind..

So many choices...


  1. If it buzzes I'll buy it

  2. What happened to the tinsel hat?

  3. Mr and Mrs G&T thanks for coming down for the 4th and bringing the rug rats. As always, we had a blast (literally).

  4. Ryan, it was an honor and a privilege.

    Fred, the list is not exhaustive. I just coudn't find a good tinsel hat picture...

    Although, I think the missing stormtrooper would look good on underwear.

  5. They beat you to it


  6. Lisa... be careful what you wish for....

    And by the way, Brian - I also bought a Syndicate Polo!

    I was hoping there'd be more purchases of the Syndicate String Bikini panties. Maybe a nice sub page on the blog with a photo contest, etc....


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