Monday, July 30, 2007

End of July

I was not attracted to the triple-nipple layout. The glossy grinning triplets posing seductively across the pages laid across my lap did not arouse the interest one might expect.

Sure, the wrongness of if was titillating, not not much else.

Smoke billowed across the lower deck, hovering momentarily under the umbrella, swimming around my head. I could smell the lamb and the herbs. I could smell the smoldering wood. The tall icy margarita, wearing its salty halo, sat within arms reach.

The dog lay at my feet. The girl waved hello down from the top deck. Automatic sprinklers popped up and danced in time, painting the green grass with a simmering top coat.

I was slightly buzzed, and thumbing through my latest magazine. I was one with the weekend.


  1. Were you looking at your third nipple again? You silly boy.

  2. Dr B - triplets' nipples would equal 6 not 3

  3. ah yes, I never was good at math.

  4. The triplets were lame. What rocked was that ipod dock/receiver with the vacuum tubes. I need to start looking around for that at a cheaper price than the one they quoted.


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