Monday, April 07, 2008


The weekend was swell, thanks for asking. The third floor view over the sandy beach was spectacular. The missus and I proudly worked our way through half a bottle of Tequila and two bottles of wine in less than 48 hours.

Peering out my window, however, besides the numerous kites and occasional dead bird, there did appear something of a geological mystery. Said mystery being Ecola Creek.

The creek, clear and cold, runs rapidly down from the looming coastal range. Clear-cut and crosshatched with highways, the coastal range is a never ending source of deluge and myriad soggy miseries. However, by all historical accounts, Ecola Creek has been present for some time, at least hundreds of European-counted years, and likely much much longer.

It is a broad creek, some 30 feet across, and it runs swiftly over the sandy beach. The aquatic erosion in the sand is observable, with slices of sandy bank falling into the rushing water every few seconds.

Throughout the day, the creek changes course and wipes away entire swaths of land. However, each night, when the tide comes in, the entire process gets reset.

The rolling tide washes away the creek bed. It rebuilds the bank and redraws the course of the water. Every night, the tired decayed creek, with its lost way and crumbling walls, disappears beneath the foaming deep and is reborn, as if a new creek altogether, each morning. No trace of the deep water-cut gouge is left from the day before. It is never the same creek twice.

I'm certain there is a metaphor for life in there somewhere. I'm kinda drunk though, and fairly tired. Tomorrow is Monday and I need to sleep.

So off you go, my rambling sophists. Wax existential to your hearts' content. Tell me what my creek means. And tomorrow, after a night's rest, I'll post a new post, as if it were a new blog altogether.


  1. As I look out from my hotel room, there are no such creeks on Waikiki. Have not been any all week.

    So i don't know what you are talking about.

  2. You're trying to make us think too hard on a Monday morning...why don't you tell us the meaning tomorrow.

  3. If you drink soft drinks all day, like for instance Dr. Pepper, it will erode the enamel off of your teeth in just a number of months. Lemons seem to do the trick also. Trying placing a lemon wedge over your front teeth and leave it there for hours.

    Just a helpful hint for the day.

  4. My desk is the creek. Each day, I try to get files off of it, actual work completed, etc. And yet, each day, the tide rises up and resets the desk... covering it with work anew...

  5. Mitch's desk has files
    In piles high into the sky
    More work tomorrow

  6. Young girl drinks latte
    Through a straw, teeth gleaming white.
    Her skin is orange.

  7. young girl10:50 AM

    I guess I should lay off the spray on tanning products.

    and it was a half cap decaf carmel moca frap...lattes are so '87

    just sayin

  8. So hot and frothy
    Coffee man makes me with love
    Then dips his penis

  9. starbucks11:38 AM

    Smiling lawyer guy
    never tips the barista
    that wasn't real cream

  10. Oh yeah, I almost forgot GURD. Thats a great one to get. It almost looks like Bulimia as it rots the enamel from the inside first.

    I'm thinking of naming my next child GURD. Either that or Goiter.

  11. Esophagus doesn't start with a "U"

  12. gerd again2:29 PM

    The acid comes up
    Burning tissue, rotting teeth
    Your breath smells like death

  13. Everytime I hear of Mrs. G&T polishing off a bottle of tequila... I glow with satisfaction for a job well done.

  14. Anonymous2:41 PM

    makes ya wonder what else she polished off...

  15. liability carrier2:47 PM

    A stupid dentist
    Get your hand out of her blouse
    Better call lawyer

  16. I am a thrash metal band from Switzerland. But I have been known to jack up some teeth.

  17. Grizzled Barista3:28 PM

    Barista tells her:
    True cappuccino no more
    Than six ounces milk.


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