Monday, April 07, 2008

Update From the Fleet

Welcome Princess and Mr. Princess to the fleet. The Princess family has recently completed season two, the Cylons having just arrived on New Caprica... They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season Three from Netflix.

I, of course, already purchased Season Three. Having just watched the various deleted scenes, I have come to a startling conclusion. If you've already watched Season Three, you know four of the final five. There is, obviously, one left to reveal.

My guess, which is not at all a spoiler since it is only my own subjective conjecture, is that the final Cylon is President Roslyn.

There you go. Mark my words.

Apologies to the non-fans, you heathens, there is nothing for you here.


  1. princess8:49 AM

    thanks for the non-spoiler. although, i'm not sure husband wants to be called mr. princess. besides, he's WAY more manly than you. not that it takes much.

    yes, we nearly had a nervous break-down (ok, i did, he was mildly annoyed) that netflix said we had to wait for the release of season three. but we're about to get new discs! thank GOD. god's a vegan, you know....

  2. Roslyn gets sick and does not make it to earth.

    Adama is a cylon.


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