Sunday, April 27, 2008


A mediocre bowl of flavorless Chinese take-out, with a lukewarm glass of watered down white wine for dinner.

The sky was hazy overcast today. No sun, but no rain.

We had lunch at the zoo. My cheeseburger was dry and condimentless. The tigers were taking a nap.

I napped, myself, for most of the afternoon.



  1. Well, that was a fairly shitty post. What happened to your rule about being compelling?

    We aren't heading for another weepy pussy video post are we? Jesus, you're more emo than Amanda's new boyfriend.

  2. Wow. I finally figured out the secret identity to a poster. I feel special.

    The only thing emo about him is his name. He's just not ueber macho; but I am, so it all works out.

  3. To understand this post, you need to understand some of Brian’s code words.

    “The Zoo” is his favorite all men’s steam bath.

    He often calls his wiener “the cheeseburger.”

    “The Tigers” are also known as Abioye and Kobina Mitundu, Nigerian gay twins, known for their “tag team” action.

    Brian regularly uses a male outcall escort service that provides young Thai men. In his insensitivity and cultural disregard, he refers to his penchant for Thai and Laotian men as “Chinese take-out.”

    And taking a “nap” is his favorite sexual position where he lays on his stomach and lets other men mount him.

    But I have no idea what a “lukewarm glass of watered down white wine” is.

  4. Or he napped all day because he was so proud of himself all the money he won at poker Saturday night.

  5. Not that I didn't hold my own...but Dylan and Brian took most of the money....

  6. Inog, an excellent comment. I grade it as follows:

    Originality: *****
    Composition: ***
    Wit: *****
    Punctuation: ****
    Wit: *****

  7. Two wit

    two woo?...

  8. Maybe next time you will have a wet nap or...ah ah.... a tastey tiger...or....ah ah....or enjoy some cold condoms......dry chinese take-out?

    I think Inog is on to something.....

  9. What the fuck are you talking about??


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