Thursday, April 03, 2008

April 4

We have waited nearly a year, and as I will be out of town for the next day or so, I will have to wait a little longer. Until Sunday, to be specific. Thank the gods of television for DVR!

Who knows what I'm talking about? Inog Knows. So does Ryan. Fred, Mrs. G&T, Lisa and Abestis all know what I'm talking about.

Mitch might too, I forget... Maybe Dave.

The rest of you though, well, you are all about to roll your eyes.

Friday, April 4 is the beginning of the end. It marks the beginning of the final season of Battlestar Galactica, one of the darkest and perhaps most compelling television shows ever.

The wait is over, the questions will be answered. If it has all happened before and it will all happen again, then what is happening now?

Starbuck knows the way to Earth, but is she a Cylon? Is she the last of the five? If not, then who is, and what the frak is she??

They will find Earth, but how many of them make it there? When they do, when will it be? What year? What epoch?

This is the best show no one watches. Don't believe me? Fine, read what these folks have to say:


San Francisco Chronicle

New York Magazine

LA Times

What, still need a refresher? Well here you go:

Oh, and, if you haven't started watching it, don't worry, it's not too late. Just be sure to start with the 2003 miniseries, and watch the whole damn thing in order.

Geek out.


  1. Nerds...geeks...all of you fans

  2. What Marge said ;-)

  3. I hoped someone would back me up, thanks Helly....

  4. princess10:41 AM

    DON'T SPOIL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we've been watching it via netflix and they won't release the previous season until this month. so i gotta watch that first. cylons just landed on new caprica. i can't even stand to see glimpses of the rerns on t.v. if it's out of order.

    also, a shout out to mini princess. she's two today!

  5. Happy Birthday mini Princess and good luck with those "terrible two's" Princess

  6. Oh yeah - they've got a LOT of explaining to do!

    I think its best if you let TiVo get it and have a head start, so you can fast forward through commercials.

  7. Oosje1:48 PM

    Happy, Happy birthday Mini Princess!!! Time goes soooo fast. Hugs and kisses to all the Princess family.

  8. The show is better on DVD.

    I'll wait.

  9. Inog, can't you just pick up next season on DVD in china?

  10. Mrs. G&T10:37 PM

    I'm going on the record now.

    1. The Cylons are the good guys.

    2. Starbuck is the Arrow of Apollo.


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