Thursday, February 22, 2007

That Aint no Phoenix Feather in that Wand

What Would Tyler Durden Do?

This is the blog that the Lounge could only hope to be. It is evil. It is Genius. Thanks to Dave for turning me on to it.

Today alone, the WWTDD posts included:

Full frontal photos of Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) (Hint: click on the thumbnail)

Video of the Anna Nicole Judge in Florida weeping like a little girl

Frightening photos of bald Britney beating an SUV with an umbrella

and other fun stuff...

Forget the Daily Show, from now on, I'm getting my news from Tyler...


  1. I'm here to help. All the kids love deuce-candy.

  2. I think Britney is taking her Ripley/GI Jane thing a little too much to heart.

    And, its been a long time since I started the day with the sight of an uncut shlong.

  3. Maybe Brit is going to do a remake of "nothing compares to you"

    I thought "uncut shlong" was right up your alley Fred.

  4. Thought you might appreciate that...

  5. Naked Harry Potter makes me feel dirty

    It's just so wrong but I clicked anyway

  6. Actually, uncut shlongs are right up my alley, so to speak. Just not enough of them around in this country. Men seem to be into penis torture here and blanch at the sight of a little extra skin.

  7. I blanche at the sight of three-bean salad...

  8. Three bean salad represents everything that is wrong with the world.

  9. Is cutting shlong big in America then?
    You very rarely see a cut shlong over here - unless they're a Jew

    I learn the most fascinating things on here

  10. Yes, shlong cutting is very common here. And it seems the main reason it remains common (since there aren't any medically compelling reasons to go one way or the other) is that dads have this fear of their sons getting mocked in the locker room for having a different looking penis. So, in America, everyone's dong has to look the same or you are considered a freak. But, boys are very cockcentric, as you know.

  11. I must give kudos to fred for using no less than 4 terms for the male appendage in one comment

  12. I second the kudos to Fred.


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