Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Competition


Anna Nicole's former bodyguard, Alexander Dent, has announced that he was banging the broad too. While he was unable to actually do his job (preventing her from dying), he beleives that he would make an excellent billionaire, ooh, I mean "father."


ZsaZsa has finally spoken, publically announcing that her husband is a lying sack of shit.


Upon hearing the news about Mr. Dent, the good folks at What Would Tyler Durden Do had this to say:

Wow, this chick sure did love fuckin. At this rate, when they reveal the list of names of potential fathers, it will be on a big giant scroll that hit's the floor and rolls across the room like that list Santa checks on Christmas Eve. Potential fathers will include Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Walter Payton, that kid who came by to sell her some candles, that one guy with the thing, Garfield and the 2005 Miami Dolphins.


  1. The fact she loved fucking puts her up in my estimations..

    If she was a guy, with 10 women claiming they were pregnant by him, he'd be a stud..

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I wonder what type of antibiotics are needed to combat the diseases she must have passed around.


  3. I'm not a doctor, I just play one on TV

  4. The list rolling on the ground sounds pretty accurate. The sad thing is, Anna had to WORK for that money! She had to sleep with someone who could double as Skeletor! Ack! Everyone trying to prove paternity now is just trying for easy money. But not you of course, Brian, you'll be a great daddy to Danielynn!

    Oh, and Anna died in beautiful Hollywood, Fl, where I had the misfortune of living for two long years. She had Slimfast and lots of drugs in the fridge, so the Trimspa people aren't happy with her.

  5. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Be careful Brian that is the third reference to football in less than two months....your boy might think you're a man and ask you to explain the rules of the game. What would you do then?

  6. For the record, I didn't make the football reference. That was merely a quote from the other blogger.

    And, if asked about football rules, I'll just make something up. God knows I do enough of that here in the Lounge...

  7. The panty11:00 AM

    I was merely an accessory. Although, I should be given credit for being penetrable.


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