Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dark End

The dog's nails tap against the wooden stairs outside the glass door. The sole ice cube in my scotch clinks the side of the glass. It is dark, but the blue hue of my monitor illuminates the smoke rings rising from the bowl of my Kaywoodie.

It is the dark end of a long day, as JK likes to say, and the cold-shock embrace of my flannel-cased pillow draws near. Before I go, though, I'd just like to say a few words:












Thank you. Good night.


  1. Is there a way that I can link directly to the comments and skip the front page?

  2. I found this in an article the other day:

    Some religious groups say blogs are a powerful tool that can be misused. Children who use them could be targeted by pedophiles, the Restored Church of God warns on its Web site.

    "Another obvious danger of blogs is the endless amount of inappropriate content often spread throughout them," it says.


    But for those who write them, they are a harmless outlet that can entertain, educate or offer an alternative view of sex to that portrayed in traditional media outlets.

    There is certainly no fear of that in today's blog. This isn't even filler. This is the literary equivalent of nonbiodegradable peanuts that get stuck on the outside of the box through sheer will and static electricity.

  3. I must first ask myself, why did the church of god need to be restored? I mean, restored from what? what was wrong with the old church? why is the new one so much better? And did the whole thing have anything to do with snake handling? It really smacks of snake handling...

    Second, I offer no appologies. You can either choose to take from last night's blog a snap-shot of vocabulary bliss, or you can gloss over the pleasure of words, and continue on your sugar-induced media binge.

  4. I love words. Don't even start with me about that. However, if you're going to offer the words, I want the etymology of them and the various pronunciations, synonyms (if they exist), and the definition itself. I want the comparitive definitions between the OED and the Merriam-Webster.

  5. At least Brian corrected his typo from last night

    That's attention to detail

    whats kaywoodie?

  6. Anonymous11:25 AM

    It was J.R.R., not J.K. And you call yourself a geek?

  7. You know, Carl, I'm actually working on a way to do that. I'll keep you informed.

  8. I don't even know if its worth the effort of logging in to mock you...

  9. other3:27 PM

    I like reading the lables, then deciding if they really match.

  10. These are some pretty lackluster comments today. Everybody hungover from yesterday?

  11. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I give this entire entry and response bubble a "meh."


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