Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everything will be Hotter on March 2, 2007

I suspect that Christina, Sam, and I will be spending the evening together on March 2.

You can come too.

(Yes, this is filler. I feel shitty tonight, but have a real wiz-bang post lined up for tomorrow...)


  1. You don't need to apologise for the fillers, every blog has them and since when has Miss Christina been a filler - more like an emptier....

    In fact, maybe I should start apologising when my real posts interfere with my fillers

  2. I would be better filler if the images actually appeared rather than a banner telling me that the images are hosted by tripod. Just saying.

  3. I think they should have made the smaller inset picture of Christina mid thrust all nymphomaniacky the major feature of the posture and super awesome Sam Jackson the inset.

    Perhaps that's just because today it IS hot in the south...

  4. Great, now I've got Kenny Chesney and Uncle Cracker running through my head, singing "When the Sun Goes Down"... :-P

  5. Helly, I don't know you, but I believe I read somewhere that you LIKE country music. Perhaps that song being in your head doesn't have the same impact as if it were say...Lisa or Brian having that song in their head. I do believe they detest country in a way that is unquantifiable.

  6. It's true, I do hate country music with a passion

    but I do like cowboys...

    and I think ditch Sam and have equal pics of christina and Justin all chained up - by complete coincidence Sexy back has just started playing on my play list...

  7. I have to admit that I love the friggin' Justin album. Every single I have heard has me dancing like a fiend. For a curly haired Sideshow Bob boybander, he's not half bad.

    Which reminds me, Lisa, what the f is up with all those damn boybands in the UK? They've died a terrible death (deservedly so) in the US, but they still flourish in the UK. I'm not accusing you of liking them, I just wish for your perspective on the matter.

  8. Boy bands
    Hmmm, theres not actually that many now
    Busted and Blue were my kids faves but they broke up.
    There is McFly I suppose but they do play instruments and Westlife *shudder* - God Westlife make me heave

    Rumour has it Boyzone are to reform hoping to get the same popularity the reforming of Take That has

    Take That - swoon. I loved them I did..

  9. Hahaha. Westlife. Everyone loves to hate them. There is always always a Westlife reference on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. McFly still have the moppish boyish hairdos that make them the emo boyband. Yech.

  10. Plus Harry McFly snogged Lindsay Lohan so they are tainted

  11. LOL-- Amanda, make that ANY of my friends, most of 'em love to profess their unabashed loathing of country music ;-)

    Me? I'm not ashamed to admit that it's my favorite genre :-D

  12. Isn't Boyzone the name of the new gay bath house in downtown Portland?

  13. Well, if anyone should know, you should

    Have you been there often?

  14. Helly, my stepmother bought a Country Christmas CD and played it throughout the holiday season. She has not heard the end of it.

    I started watching the Ricky Gervais comedy Extras the other night. It's hilarious, but almost painful to watch.

  15. Dude - what's up with all the ladies commenting - are all the guys out buying cabins in the south and chains?


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