Monday, February 12, 2007

Country Roads, Take Me Home

So, you may have noticed that I've been away for a while.
I've spent 20 hours in the car over a period of 5 days, with fog, rain, wind, and snow. Lots of snow.
Well, not "lots" by Idaho standards but "plenty" by Oregon standards.

I also used the time away to do some thinking, spending time with myself, reflecting.
So, as I wandered this weekend, I found myself standing in a sea of white, the sky silent but for the whisper of the wind. I was alone in the silence, and I listened to what the wind had to say.

It's funny what the mountains will do to you. They can speak to you, and change you. I was reminded of the way things used to be, and who I once was. I felt that familiar heaviness in my heart, and I was overwhelmed.

That is why I have decided to rededicate my life and the use of this blog to the Lord Jesus Christ.

OK, I'm joking. Don't worry. I was swilling way too much gin this weekend to have any type of religious epiphany.
More good old-fashioned Lounge-style smut to come later this week!


  1. "I was swilling way too much gin this weekend to have any type of religious epiphany"

    That makes no sense to me. Maybe I need to remind you how to drink. Your skills have obviously lapsed.

    Though I like the emo header leading up to the kicker. You should post some more full on emo crap about how much you love your family or how good life is to set the hooks in your female readers. Ev, Lisa, and the uterus may play tough, but face it, they are chicks and they eat that shit up. They can’t help it.

    Mixing soft core porn with some good bullshit sensitivity is the one-two punch that always gets the chicks. Either that you can drop trou and say, “Yummy down on this!”

    Oh yeah.. Obama in 08 !

    (See how I used the liberal kicker to shield me from accusations of insensitivity. It was not by accident that I usually sat between a jew and a black in law school.)

  2. I am totally going to let inog's comment speak for me, although as a bitter soon-to-be divorcee, I'd much prefer the soft-core porn.

  3. If it were sensitivity coming from Brian, I would be immediately suspicious. When Brian tries to sound genuinely concerned or caring he comes off sounding both confused and incredulous.

    He knows that the best cure for feeling sorry for yourself is a lot of alcohol and depravity.

  4. If you rededicate your life to Christ, does that mean you'll again be afraid of him coming to visit you?

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    The thin mountain air must have made you dilusional...The mountains were calling for you to come to them for ice cream not Jesus, as you have been misled to believe.

  6. You know, Jesus thinks you're gay. And a Communist.

  7. Actually, I'm pretty sure Jesus loves all the children. Except the obnoxious sweater vest, lace up Vans wearing, potty-mouthed vaguely Libertarian ones.

  8. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Ok,I get that there's this theory that God will forgive all, blah, blah, blah....but let's face it, Mr G & T has gone waaaay beyond anything God could forgive. He's going to hell. But at least he's enjoying the journey there.

  9. If he's going to hell, I have the VIP section reserved. There is still plenty of room on. Get your name on the list fast, though...

  10. Brian is going in a box in the ground, and depending on the cost of the casket and whether or not he chooses to have a concrete external liner, worm food. Just as a great many of us are. Unless we opt for cremation.

  11. Thanks inog for acknowledging Im a chick - a tough chick at that...

    I hope that you had a good break Brian and that the wind told you what you wanted to hear

    Yep, Im eating the shit up

    oh and bags I sit next to you in Hell's hot tub

  12. Jesus, Amanda. Must you ruin every surprise we have lined for Brian's birthday?

  13. Jesus4:27 PM

    When are we going to see the smut?

  14. I couldn't help myself. Thinking about Brian's box just gets me terribly excited.

  15. I see a simple solution. Soft core porn staring Jesus.We could call it "Nailed".

  16. Inog - i have a feeling you only used my name as an example because it's easy to spell - but thanks all the same. And I'm not a chick - I'm a slut - can I get an AMEN for that sister Lisa!

    We all missed you terribly Big Bri - now get to work and make some smutty funny!


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