Monday, December 19, 2005

Year One

This time last year, the missus had an IV stuck in her arm, and was sleeping comfortably in a hospital bed. I was lying on the dad-couch half-ignoring Men in Black II on the TV, and half-staring out at the frozen parking lot below.

Three hours earlier, we had been eating at McMinnamins, trying to decide on a middle name. That conversation continued in the car on the way to the hospital. We're never good at making quick decisions.

The howler monkey was born the following afternoon, on December 20. Three days after the wife's birthday, five days before Christmas, and nine days before my birthday. Jesus, this is a busy month for us!

So, now she's one year old. She can stand on her own, and feed herself (sort of). She can say Dada and Mama, and something like Doggie that sounds more like Daddy. She likes to put small things inside bigger things, and she mostly sleeps through the night. Not bad progress for a year.

Happy Birthday Monkey!


  1. Just another 14 years until Brian Smith can date her...

  2. Brian Smith10:26 PM

    Do I have to wait that long?

  3. Brian Smith11:02 PM

    Breast Milk makes a mean mac and cheese- in case you were wondering

  4. Ah, the good doctor finally chimes in...

    Breast milk is not so good in coffee...


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