Thursday, December 22, 2005

Better Than A New Car?

Posted By Guest Blogger: abestis

I'm wrapping up my guest blogging time here at the Lounge. I had a good time, I hope you did too. Though I echo Brian's interest in seeing what the other guest bloggers have to say, I question his motive. Personally, I think Brian is just painting his picket blog with the white wash posts of others. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Either way, the fence gets painted. Hopefully, this stretch doesn't look like ass.

Oooh. One more thing. The elections are coming. Time to get behind your candidate!


  1. Great job of working in Martha, a love for BBQ, and poker - very fitting for the lounge. Engjoyed it all. Thanks!!!

  2. Wanted to do something with nudity but my digital camera is broken.

  3. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Uma, Oprah
    Oprah, Uma

  4. Thanks for painting the fence.


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