Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Not another birthday?!?!

Guest Blogging In Session

As some of you already know and the rest of you have guessed from recent posts, tomorrow is Brian's birthday. And, despite the fact that he insinuated to all of us guest bloggers that there must be something more interesting to write about them him (and I'm not really disputing that point), I couldn't bring myself to pass up the opportunity to do something for our lounge host with his birthday so close to my assigned day. So, I've found a random assortment of "gifts" to give him that hopefully the rest of you will enjoy as well.

1. An obvious place to start is number 1 on his laminated list. This will finally give him the opportunity to undress Nicole Kidman himself. Of course, he will have to dress her first, but why quibble over details.

2. Another no brainer is to provide a picture of Christina Ricci's mammoth mammaries. Oh, all right. Here is another one.

3. Knowing his love of kilts and scotch, I was glad to find this commercial.

4. Who doesn't love a little camel toe?

5. The original movie makes him cry, but this version may not.

6. It isn't a birthday without a little porn.

7. The secret to a happy Brian is stockpile of mandarin oranges. Well, apparently, he isn't the only one to feel that way. There is an entire festival devoted the the humble mandarin.

8. Finally, an update on the crazy lady with the restraining order against David Letterman seems to be in order. I'm not sure how threatening to break people's legs isn't a threat, but I would love to hear her reason that out. Maybe we will get lucky and Brian will invite her to guest blog next time.

Enough from me. I leave the rest up to you, dear readers. Make sure to leave your warmest, most heartfelt birthday wishes for Brian in your comments.

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  1. I've been playing with paper-doll Nicole for an hour...


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