Thursday, December 29, 2005

Holy Jesus on a Popsicle Stick

That's what I'm talking about folks! That's what guest blogging is all about.

Thanks to Abestis for sharing his secrets for eating pink, and the fine photos of Christina.

Thanks to Amanda for pictures of naked people.

Thanks to Tom for being old. (Also, thanks to Tom for the new Thomas Guide to Portland. For all of your specialty map needs, remember to email TOM.)

Thanks to Leah for coming out of what ever is left of her old rickety closet.

And finally, thanks to the fifth anonymous guest blogger for remembering my birthday. I'm not sure why that person remained anonymous, but their identity is safe with me. Oh, and is it wrong that the stick-figure porn turned me on?


  1. Guest blogging-- you know, I kinda like that idea! I may have to give it a spin sometime in the future when I'm bored out of my mind :-)

    Oh, and Happy Birthday! But please leave the pants on :-P

  2. You're not the first girl to say that...

  3. See, I'm getting a whole different visual - what can I say, I'm Welsh, language quirks and all that....


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