Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ned Redux

Yes Amanda, I do know how to use my camera.. If you'd like the 10mp version of this picture to blow up and hang on your wall, in which you can see the details of my pocket lint stuck to Ned's underbelly, just let me know...

I am home safe, but very tired. Coming up on the Lounge this week, look for stories about revisionist history, plastic pigs, and LSD...

Don't look for stories about Texas strippers, there won't be any.

And don't get me started on the stinking suck-hole that is Houston.

Oh, and, here is the current wallpaper on my home computer -click on it for greater detail-


Oh, and, here is you Ponygirl update for Monday...


  1. Yes, I think that's a fine picture both technically (it illustrates scale by using the common quarter as a prop), it has dynamic lighting, and decent compositional qualities. What it lacks however is the point. In the earlier naming post it said that you would explain Ned's existence. You have failed to do so. You have merely underscored your photo taking abilities when armed with macro-laced technology. Oh, and shown us nudity. Yay. I still wanna know why Ned is a part of the lounge...why he required a name...

  2. I'm sure he'll come to that. It's about creating suspense, leaving us wanting more and ensuring we return.

    That or he was just knackered when he got home...

    btw - Im not a prude but dressing as a horse with hooves? That's just fucked up

  3. Fuck suspense. We've been in suspense all weekend after naming the pig. I'm with Amanda. The post title was, again, misleading. And if he was just plain tired he could've just posted later. (Yeah yeah, I know I'm impatient-- that much was evident from the undies post). Anyway, I expect some very "Soo-weeee!!"-worthy stories now! ;-P

  4. You've been in suspense ALL weekend over the naming of a plastic pig?


  5. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Helly's not waiting for anything today.

  6. no, ALL last week. the whole suspense thing started building up with the gay-assfuck comments, combined with the backwoods redneck remarks, which naturally delved into Deliverance-style jokes. So when Brian brought out the pig ("Sooo-weeee!!!") what did you expect? Especially with his "there's a story behind this, but for now I just need a name" post? :-P

  7. ponygirl10:30 AM

    Dressing like a horse is fucked up?? Oh! Oh!

    That's so funny! Ha!

    I would never have known that it was fucked up. Thanks for pointing it out to us!!

  8. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Who knew it would be a pig that would get Helly all hot and bothered.

  9. No kidding Helly! What's up with that?

  10. Well, duh!
    I mean, I like men. And men are pigs. Logically following...

  11. Anonymous7:35 AM

    I thought she liked girls.


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