Thursday, May 29, 2008

God Bless America

It is nearly June, just a few weeks from the Summer solstice, and the gray misty weather is more reminiscent of March, or maybe February.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like the rain and I like the cold, but it does start to get a little wearisome after 8 months to wake up and get to work under a perpetual cloudy blanket.

Coffee, therefore, plays a large part in my daily ritual. Strong coffee, hot and black. Coffee is a religion here in the Pacific Northwest, much more fervently adhered to than any of the more traditional sin-based religions. This, after all, is the regional birthplace of Starbucks. (Seattle, yes Leah, I know)

Coffee. Everyone has an opinion. And it seems that every angle has been used to sell it. Make it cheap, make it easy, make it expensive, make it hard, make it strong, make it foofy. There are no less than four coffee houses doing brisk business within one block of my office, and that does include the ass-licking uber-cunts at the Coffee Plant... But I digress.

And so, that brings me to this very cold, dark and drizzly morning. The missus took the tots in to daycare this morning, and that left me with a choice of alternate commutes. It also afforded me the opportunity to tank up on Joe early in the drive and I carefully weighed my options.

I sauntered over to the East, to take the old Pacific Highway, taking a break from the monotonous I-5 drudgery. Then, it hit me. Then, I recalled. I suddenly knew very well where I would fetch my paper cup of liquid sunshine.

It was actually a recommendation from my wife, no less. A small drab coffee hut across the highway from the Dolphin. It has a drive up window, convenient for commuters, and it is staffed entirely by sexy baristas wearing skimpy underwear.

It is called Sadie's Hot Spot.

I pulled up to the broad counter and was met by a smiling hostess in a lacy white strapless thing. Her helper, behind her, was also friendly and wore a small patch of color-striped fabric that could probably be described as a bikini.

The service was cheerful and efficient. The coffee was good. The prices were less than Starbucks.

I left a 33% tip, and drove off with a happy smile.


  1. Hooters expands into coffee? Who knew?

    Cold weather + bikini tops = a little nipply, uh, nippy out?

  2. What's especially odd is that establishments like that develop in the Pacific Northwest, where sun is at a premium, and yet, none down in sunny Southern California!

  3. Because everyone dresses like that already. At lease we know there wont be any pubes in the coffee.

  4. So what "cup size" of coffee did you buy?

  5. As opposed to your usual sad smile?

  6. do they have any drinks with syrupy poom poom juice in them? like, a "super squishy double labia latte" or something? or, a "coitus coffee" or a, uhh, "yum yum moistee macchiato"? do they?


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