Friday, May 09, 2008


New York is the biggest, by population I suppose.

Then, Los Angeles.

Chicago, I think, is third.

Then, we come to Houston.

Looking at the map of Houston, which I bought in preparation for this trip, I thought it looked for all purposes like a moderately sized hick town. Sure there is oil money here, and cattle money.

However, I was not prepared in anyway for the sheer terror-inducing scope of this scab land...

It is enormous. Sprawling. Never ending. Pointless.

It is hot and dirty, and sticky, and smoggy and crowded and poor. There is no sign whatsoever of any sort of regulation. No urban planning. No traffic engineering. Not even any sign of signage regulation.

It is the worst possible combination of San Bernardino, Tijuana, Pendleton, a swamp and the moon.

I drove around today to see the place. I kept waiting to get to the good part. I never got there.

Sam Houston should have let Santa Anna win.


  1. NASA is pretty cool.

    The battle of San Jacinto is not so much a big deal for Houston as it is for the US of A. It was the break point that permitted westward expansion. Had Houston not won, California would have remained a part of Mexico...well...technically at least.

  2. princess1:35 PM

    my in-laws live there. pretty much against their will. we keep trying to get them to come here. luckily, they live on the water, right near johnson space center and very close to gaviston, which is a cool place. but ya can't get the song out of your head.

    once we flew into the wrong airport. and drove. and drove. and drove. through heat, traffic and a screaming baby. ask my husband- the drive from hell. luckily, MIL brought the wine to the car before i could even get out.


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