Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thank You, Mitch

Thanks to Mitch for sending me THIS LINK

WARNING! Do not click on the link if you are easily offended by hot photos of newly-single Dita, writhing seductively in a shallow bubble bath, simmering with barely-contained sultry passion, with all of her naughty bits on display for all the world to see. Then again, if you are so easily offended, what the hell are you doing in the Lounge to begin with?? I mean, this isn't exactly the Good Mormon Family Story Hour. This is the Lounge. We promote hard drink and irresponsible behavior here. You should expect to come across links here, which will whisk you away to the darker smuttier corners of the web.

FURTHERMORE! You shouldn't click on the link at work. Really. No. Or at least if you do, click on the link using someone else's computer while they are not looking.

OH, UNLESS! You work at Inog and the Faerie Queen's Law Shack. In that case, make sure you call Inog over to your desk to view it with you...

OH AND! It's probably OK if you work at Dr. Brian's tooth shop or Leah's law firm.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN! That employees of large corporations, including certain banks, should probably wait until they get home.

FOREIGNERS! And other individuals living outside of the United States, should contact their local legal professional or priest before viewing the linked material.

IF YOUR NAME IS DAVE!! Hell, you probably took the pictures. Still and all, you should ask your wife first.

CATHOLICS!! You heretics are already going to hell for the veneration of Mary, the supplication of saints, and your idolatrous transubstantiation. So, feel free to sneak a peek...


  1. Always glad to help.

  2. Hm. I never access Lounge links from my government work computer. But, I never thought of accessing from someone else's computer. Perhaps I should view the Dita pictures from the computer of the "Monkie".

  3. Clever spelling...

    While no one else will get it, it made me laugh.

  4. good thing I don't have a job and have been excommunicated by the Catholics.

    Poor, foolish Manson.

  5. You know, I wondered whatevered happened to those photos...


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