Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gay Has its Advantages

It pays to be gay, it seems...

Although that led to this...

Which somehow led to this...

all of which, eventually led to this...


  1. The girl in the 3rd video needs a serious lesson in matching her underwear

  2. Well Brian, I guess you would know.

    They should rename to

  3. robot troll10:19 AM

    I guess your google of Scarlet's boobs was a sucess.

  4. I agree with Lisa. I was soooo disappointed. Girls that can not match lingerie are a turn off. Kick them out of bed, I say.

  5. Thank You Ryan for agreeing

    Its just so wrong...

  6. horse of death3:33 PM

    Ryan, remind me to never drop my keys near you. Non matching lingerie is like a bad blow job...still fun. I'm just glad Brian didnt find a crying game video.


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