Monday, April 16, 2007



It's a head of Lettuce!!

In other news:

Richard Gere was in India over the weekend to help raise awareness for AIDS. At one large press conference, he embraced and kissed India's foremost leading actress, Shilpa Shetty. Unbeknownst to Mr. Gere, public displays of affection are tantamount to hardcore bestiality in India. The Kiss then sparked protests and riots. Mr. Gere himself was even burned in effigy.
And really, you know that you are an international icon, when mad mobs burn poor-quality paper mache likenesses of you in anger...


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  5. For the First Annual Gin and Tonic Lounge Summer BBQ, could we arrange to burn someone in effigy?

  6. Yet another attempt by Shipla to increase her 15 minutes of fame outside Bollywood - Wasn't "Celebrity" Big Brother and her racicial bullying claims enough?...

  7. I agree. She's not the foremost leading actress of India. That would be the incredibly striking Aishwarya Rai (sp?). You should post pictures of her. Oh, and also, I saw really horrible 80s pictures of Dita with straight blonde hair. She looked like Vince Neil.

  8. While being burned in effigy might be flattering - let me tell you - having villagers chase you with pitchforks and torches is no picnic...
    I mean... um... That's what I hear....

  9. Does this mean you WANT to be burned in effigy? Hmmm, that can be arranged...


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