Saturday, April 21, 2007


Working on two hours of sleep, I'm wending my way to Los Angeles. Of course, my flight out of san francisco was cancelled. So, now I wait for my new flight to LAX.
I need coffee.


  1. Okay, one flight successfully cancelled. Now to cancel the rest and we're perfectly safe down here.

  2. What are you doing in the land of angels?

    Oddly enough, Jason S. is in town as well...
    It would be easy to see cigars and cocktails in your immediate future!

  3. Why work on two hours of sleep? Were you surfing porn all night again? You should really work on your porn addiction. By all accounts you should be blind by now.

  4. the governator11:13 AM

    You have to be able to speak spanish to get into Southern California now. Its a new law.


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