Monday, April 23, 2007

Tackle Box

For the fishing fanatic, there is nothing so pleasing as a well organized, and pleasantly parsed, tackle box. Various weights of varying sorts are sorted into neat groupings of similar sizes. Treble hooks, tangled and catching, mass together like a barbed mesh in their own separate bin.

Big bobbers bounce off one another and the specialty tools sleep silently in their own precise pouches.

The well-ordered tackle box is an exercise in harmony. It is simple serenity. It is the last defense against the blood-letting chaos of free-floating hooks and blades.

The genius lie in the compartments, and the fisherman's strict adherence to them. If he keeps the things in the places they belong, then he can focus on bobs when he wants bobs, and he doesn't have to fret over the danger of a stray hooked-lure crossing paths with his thumb.

So too, run the wheels of the mind.

There is a compartment for work, and a compartment for home.
There is a compartment for hunger, and another for sleep.
There is a compartment, padded though it may be, for ailing elders and mournful mothers.
There is a compartment for monkeys and a compartment for mockingbirds.
There can even be a compartment for meaningful meetings that occur in the evenings.

Occasionally, when I'm lucky, the compartments stay sorted and the dividers remain clear; the bits are kept safe from the pieces. It's when the assortment of stuff is sorted by lot, then, then my mind knows no fear.


  1. Your mind is a tackle box. So what are you "fishing" for?

  2. Um yeah...what the fuck are you talking about? You need to watch more NASCAR.

  3. NASCAR is for hillbillies.

  4. I understood it perfectly

    Boys are stupid...

  5. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Have you taken up fishing now nature boy? Remember what happened with the kayak!!

  6. Mrs. G&T11:41 AM

    I love you

  7. I love you too Brian...but not in a threatening way.

  8. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Group hug! Hey! Watch where you put that hand! ohhhh....nevermind, that's ok.....

    See? That should make Brian feel better.

  9. mrs. tom1:25 PM


  10. I love you too. In a most threatening way.... tiger.

  11. Anonymous7:12 AM

    It is absolutely clear what this means. Brian is having a gay affair with a fisherman in the evenings. Working with rods, if you will.

  12. Its all just an excuse to discuss his bait and tackle.

  13. Mrs. BSU12:23 PM

    Sometimes what I read on G&T scares me, sometimes I learn a bit more about your mysterious my compartment for BIL is full of love and admiration for the part you play in the compartments of those lucky enough to know you!


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