Sunday, November 12, 2006

Truth in Advertising.

We made the monthly run to Costco this wet and windy afternoon. We bulked up on Yogurt and soda and toilet paper. On the request of the Missus, I also also grabbed a three-pack of canned pumpkin, presumably to make a pie for the impending holiday.

After returning home, I began the long processes of unloading the car and storing the goods in the pantry/fridge/freezer. As I unloaded the tightly-packed parcels from the reused wholesale boxes, I came across the cans of pumpkin.

The label stated clearly that the can contained 100% pumpkin, which I assumed, of course was a load of horse shit. I'm not sure what I expected was in the can, but sugar, water, and preservatives were a given.

I expect labels to lie to me. It's the nature of advertising. "We're the #1 blah blah blah in town!" "We have the lowest prices!" "I am a compassionate conservative..." You know what I mean.

So, as I unwrapped the cans from their clear plastic sheath, I casually turned one in my hand and glanced at the ingredients. This is what it said:

"Ingredients: Pumpkin"

That's it. Well, I'll be damned.


  1. If you ever see a meat product with the words "water added" - avoid the product.

    This is code for grinding up all the bits of an animal you can scoop up, and re-injecting it back into the meat.

    They have to mix these bits with water in the process, but as "pig is pig", the only thing "added" is "water."

  2. "Well I'll be damned..."

    I'd take that bet.

  3. What's the world coming to?

  4. I like the big jars of Mayonaise but I'm not going to say why. We went to Costco yesterday and stocked up on beer and wine. The bill was $426.95. My liver hates me.

  5. The proverbial pumpkin on the face.

  6. Actually, there IS a canned pumpkin product with preservaties and sugar in it. It's called Pumpkin Pie "Filling". I haven't seen that around much lately. Probably because even in the age of Dinty Moore Beef Stew and Vienna Sausages, there are things just too abominable to put in cans...


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