Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ides of November

I am old, and getting older by the minute. Fortunately, however, the other Brian -Dr. Brian- will forever be older than me.

Happy Birthday to Dr. Brian!


  1. I cant leave Dr Brian feeling unloved, so, even though Ive said it already

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. amanda5:01 PM

    You suck. I finally get closer to the age of 30, the decade I love to date most, and I get no blog mention. Oh wait. I will forever be younger than you. Nevermind.

    Happy Birthday Dr. Brian. That "Dr." means that you'll forever make more money than Brian minus the Dr. Good on you!

  3. Oh, do you still read this thing? I thought you may be too busy with your extended vacation.

    Well, OK, Happy Birthday Amanda!

    (When was it, again?)

  4. Amanda dates decades? If so, pick the 1960s or 1970s. More sex and drugs than the 30s.

  5. The 70s for sure..

  6. Andy Rooney8:11 PM

    What do you mean? The 30's rocked!!

  7. Thanks Amanda, Lisa and Brian for the props!! There is nothing exciting about turning 36. Oh god now Im closer to 40!!

  8. Ha ha
    That is exactly what I said when I turned 36, its closer to 40 than 30

    Oh well, life is supposed to begin at 40

  9. Think about this, gentlemen. We are coasting toward our TWENTY YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION. Twenty years.

    Well you guys are. I'm not going.

  10. you didn't go last time. Dr. brian went, but only after Lisa Melgaard coaxed him into it.

  11. You two should go.

    It could be the male version of Romy and Michele's High School reunion

  12. Actually it was Jason Bosler that convinced me to go. I must have a thing for guys with ZZ top beards.

    Dave, you should go to the reunion.
    You look the best out of all of us and it would prove that you didn't turn out to be an axe murderer.

  13. Damn, I'm still coasting toward 30 AND my 10 year reunion is in June. Y'all are old.

    That's alright, though. You don't cramp my style much.

  14. amanda5:41 PM

    If you do choose to go, I want video. Force Four Revisited. Hilarity is guaranteed. At least for the viewing public.

  15. Technically, Dr. B, that doesn't prove anything. It just means I didn't turn into an ax murderer that got caught.

    That would be pretty funny though - showing up in an orange jumpsuit with ankle chains. "You know, I wasn't going to come but Lisa Melgaard called me and.."


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