Saturday, November 18, 2006

Man of the Year

GOOD LORD, it's been a long week. I feel bad. Really I do. I've been remiss in my duties.
Thanks to the commenters to the last post for at least presenting something new for the last few days.

Anyway, It's Saturday night, and very few folks read this thing on Sunday. Nevertheless, I have to scratch my bloging itch. So, here are some pictures sent to me at work to satiate the masses.

I added some commentary...

It's the 2006 Man of the Year Awards!!

Our first runner-up is a sensitive man of nature.

Unfortunately for Mr. Extreme Sport, he probably will not be getting a blow job from the girl SLEEPING ON ROCKS any time soon. You know what they say: "Spokes before Pokes..."

The second runner-up is a hero for many reasons. However, my favorite detail in this photo is the fact that he is drinking one of the beverages. I picture in my mind, the man saying something like: "here, let me help you with this," as he takes the bottle from the top rack while shirpa-girl is holding them.

I also like to imagine that the girl is the man's Russian mail-order bride.

The Winner may be the greatest man off all time. It could only be better if he was shirtless and and eating a steak.


  1. No, he needs a corndog or a turkey leg in the other hand.

  2. Good morning sunshine! Those of us with small children (most the readers now, right?) are up early on a Sunday. Can't train the little rat bastards to sleep in on the weekend.

    Lovely pics. Reminds me of the time at a law firm when two crack head clients got into a fist fight in the lobby of the firm. Luckily, the three male attorneys (all well over 6 feet tall), left it to the one female attorney (me, not so tall) to get the fighting clients out of the office. Right, Brian? You should post that picture of hero men. Super Lawyers to the Rescue! Well, someone had to save the hot receptionist. Yum.

  3. I have this really bad habit of making my husband look like a total asshole in airports. I usually make the effort to haul as much of the baggage as possible while he's walking next to me with nothing. He thinks I do it intentionally.

    Maybe I do. Who knows.

  4. You have to admit - the bike is pretty hot

    I'd sleep with it

  5. The bike does look sweet. I like the fat guy in the row boat. He should probably move more to the center to keep water from pouring in the back. That might put his cigarette out, you know.

  6. great photos... the girl on the rocks is dead and the bike hugger is delirious, can't you see the empty bottle of Yogurt Soda by the tent? And the guy in the boat is licking his fingers, he just ate her feet.

  7. The girl with the beer should be walking first. You know, in case there are land mines or doors need to be opened.

  8. What you dont see in the first picture is that the bike seat is missing.
    The women carrying the cases of beer should have the umbrella duct taped to her back that way the guy walking can be double fisting and still stay out of the rain.
    I think that the girl rowing the boat should also be giving the fat guy a blow job. I mean hey, She should put that mouth to good use.
    Speaking of which...I hung out with Tom this weekend.

  9. I would much rather camp with a bike than a girl. Girls whine and complain about bugs and cold and rocks in their backs. And unlike girls, bikes don't care if you ride them drunk.

  10. the bike11:54 AM

    I feel so violated. Just hold me.

  11. "Unlike girls, bikes don't care if you ride them drunk."

    Ryan wins.

  12. Dave,
    it reminds me of your famous line from a speech that you gave back in high school. "There are many positions for women in todays society, my favorite is on top"

    Some 20 years later that still makes me laugh.

  13. THANK HEAVENS Princess Leah found a way to work in a reference to her reproduction in her post...

    I was worried we might have forgotten that she has ovaries...

  14. I dont care either..

    just saying

  15. Lisa, are you sure that you are not a bike?

  16. Hmmm, is that the same insult over there as it is here?


  17. I surprised you didn't nominate yourself.


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