Saturday, September 03, 2005

My friend Mitch once said, "Never watch movies about women, unless the women are in prison. Likewise, never watch movies about animals, unless they are in prison with the women..." Smart guy, Mitch. It may have also been Mitch (although it could have been Aristotle) who said, "Never discuss politics or religion in polite company." And we here in the Lounge are nothing if not polite company. Right?

Well, anyway, Rehnquist is dead. For those of you who look to this blog as your first (or only) source of news and information, SURPRISE!! This means that W will have the historic footnote of having named, simultaneously, a Chief and an Associate justice. Jesus! How many historical footnotes can this jackass fall into?? (Disclaimer: I was duped by Cheney's media stooges and voted for said jackass in 2000. Bilingual moderate, my ass!)

Ten bucks (the cost of ten cans of Mandarin Oranges) says, Cheney resigns, and strong-arms his way into the gold-striped robe...

Nonsequitur side note: The Blogger spell check feature doesn't recognize the word Blog.

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