Monday, September 26, 2005

Lounge List

Folks over at Grab seem to be obsessed with quizzes. You know, 73 questions about your favorite color, what your kitty smells like, and how you like your eggs for breakfast... Bah! We in the Lounge have no time for such superfluous sassafras.

However, I would like to know you better, so let's cut to the chase. I present to you the first, and likely last, Lounge List. Please take your time. You may begin.

1) What drink do you order when you are trying to impress a date?

2) Tell us your dirtiest joke. (Not the Aristocrats)

3) What percentage gay would your best friend say you are?

4) Texas Hold'em Tournament: R2D2 v. Data?

5) Dick Cheney is a jackass (This isn't really a question)

Before he tucked his tail and went into hiding, our pal Abestis was posting quizzes. So, I assume this will be irresistible to him. However, I encourage everyone else to join in as well.


  1. ...must...resist...

  2. Anonymous9:31 AM

    I want to know what percentage gay is abestis.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. 1. My own. She can buy her own drink.
    2. Why is a woman like KFC? Because after that succulent breast and tender thighs all you're left with is a greasy box to put your bone in.
    3. At the time of the question, am I pitching or catching?
    4. Limit or No Limit?
    5. True, but his daughter Pepper Cheney is like KFC.

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    1) Anything on the menu with the word "Panty" or "Sex" in the name.

    2) Q: How do you make four old ladies say "F#*K!"?
    A: Get a fifth one to yell "BINGO!"

    3)55%, but that's wishful thinking on her part.

    4)Can R2 even hold cards??


  6. 1. PBR
    2. How do you make a dead-baby float?
    -Two scoops of dead baby and some
    3. 15%
    4. Data, R2 is a squeaky little bitch
    5. False, Dick Cheney is Satan.

  7. 1) Hydrochloric acid

    2) The joke's too long, but the punchline is.."Hey buddy, that's not a penguin"


    4) Data. R2 has this bleep that's a complete tell.

    5) um, I told you so.

  8. 1) Midnight Dragon
    2) What do toilet paper and the Starship Enterprise have in common? They both fly around Uranus and wipe out the Klingons (favorite joke since 1982).
    3) 50%
    4) I'd rather if it was Chewbacca and Worf.
    5) Go fuck yourself.

  9. Grab! A fine website, where the users are wise and strong and the staff is good-looking and loving.

    1) I order us both jack and cokes, poured stiff. Gets everyone fuckered nicely.

    2) My dirtiest joke would take too long in a comment field. But Gus Jimenez heard it once in high school and said it was disgusting. I have never felt so honored.

    3) Well in prison I was only 30% because it was *my* um... well, uh... yeah.

    4) R2D2, because I suspect R2D2 capable of cheating.

    5) AIR RAID!

  10. I can confirm that Deuce's joke, as told over the phone, was pretty damn disgusting, but funny... very very funny....

  11. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Gus - OMG - I miss him!! I can hear him clear as a bell yelling - LOVE ME!!! Gus and Kirk Hugo - man I miss them both!!!


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