Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Two First Names

Ron Paul

Republican. Libertarian. Medical Doctor. Crank.

I'm supposed to vote for him. All of the candidate surveys that I've taken tell me so. He and I, with our anti-government, social liberalism and fiscal conservatism, apparently see eye-to-eye on most issues, though not all.

Problem is, he has two first names. How can I vote for a man with two first names??

Second problem is, I'm a registered (R) in Oregon. (For now anyway) By the time the Oregon (R) primary rolls around, Dr. Paul will be long gone from the ballot. Let's just say his single-digit returns are not going to pull him through Super Tuesday.

So what's left? Not much. Watered-down socialists on the left. Bible-thumping bigots on the right.

I dunno? Giuliani? Maybe?

McCain? Eh...

Can't figure it out for yourself? Click on the compass for help:


  1. He may have two first names, but he is the only candidate with a blimp. Not that its going to help him any.

  2. I wouldn't vote for Huckabee based on his lack of oral hygiene alone.

    I fear what McCain is hiding in those cheeks. Maybe illegal alliens? Seriously, Is he part hampster?

    Giuliani = Blow jobs in oval office
    (not that its a bad thing)

    Mitt has already picked out his planet...much like the monkey.

    Thompson is boring, but sadly thats who I match up the best with.

  3. Watered-down Socialists! Humph!
    I resemble that remark!!!!
    *stomps foot*

    The same sort of quiz tells me I should vote Kucinich, but, alas, he is in the same boat as Ron Paul...a vote for either is, sadly, a wasted vote.

    Check out the quiz on my main blog from the Political Compass. So far, with one exception, everyone whose taken it has been in the "libertarian left" or as you would call it, "watered-down socialist".

    (Haha, I actually find that description amusingly accurate.)

    I urge you to vote McCain...of all the canidates on the Republican side, he's the most palatable. Huckabee is a bible-thumper. So is Romney, simply because he is mormon (I grew up in Mormondom, I KNOW mormons). Guliani is, sadly, a joke....

    Anyway! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I got Ron Paul and John Edwards on another quiz I took. Neither of whom will make it to the general election. I don't really like any of the candidates.

  5. Hey Rachel, do you still wear the underwear cuz thats hot!!

  6. McCain2:49 PM

    It's where I hid my watch during Nam you stupid dentist.

  7. Lucky Red4:28 PM

    Rue Paul is running for the republicans? Wow. You boycott tv for a while and things really get jiggy.
    And how, Mr.G&T were you allowed to enter Portland as a registered Republican??I best get my Green Party folks together for yet another I don't have enough shit to do.

  8. dave in the mumbai airport4:03 AM

    Dr. Brian is voting for Thompson because Wilford Brimley dropped out. It's true. I read it on the internet.

  9. I scored for Ron Paul too, but I think he's a little kooky. Just a little. And he's pro-life, which I'm now down with because I'm all for killing babies.

  10. Hawaii 5-012:23 AM

    Many of the people that comment on your blog annoy those of us who think.

    Much like the blog itself.


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