Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Think Big

The girl's nightly bedtime ritual consists of potty, PJs, three books, teeth brushing, a song and a cup of fresh water.

The books vary, favorites coming and going. Tonight, however, the first book was Dora's Bedtime Adventure. (Not exactly Dostoevsky...)

At one point in the story, Dora and her pals lay in the lush green tropical grass and make wishes upon the Wishing Star. They wish for nice things like a warm blanket, hot chocolate and hugs.

The girl was following closely along, and, as Dora tends to be an interactive exercise, I asked her, "So, if you got to make a wish upon the Wishing Star, what would you ask for?"

Her response, without hesitating, "A planet."

Hmm... well OK.


  1. ha! sounds as if the girl takes after her father.

    Quirky is genetic.

  2. I'll bet she wants her own planet so she can rule over grabidy.

  3. Well we know she will be voting for Romney. Better go get some holy underwear.

  4. joseph smith9:20 AM

    Come into the fold my darling.

  5. Mrs. G&T10:04 AM

    Fred, you made me laugh and spit tea on my computer.

    This morning, when trying to get her to re-enact the event for my benefit, her wish was for "a Superman."

    I suppose if you have a whole planet to manage, a Superman would come in handy.

  6. Ah yes, but was it a *purple* planet?

  7. What - not one Uranus joke. So disappointed.


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