Monday, September 17, 2007


Sure, Heroes is coming back next week. Smallville too, although the 35-year-old teenage superhero should be put out to pasture. And hopefully, by January, we should see the beginning of the final season of our beloved Battlestar.

I'm looking forward to Journeyman, starring that hunky centurion from HBO's Rome, and the Bionic Woman, featuring the sassy Starbuck from BSG.

However, there is really only one show returning this season that excites me. It is the only show that I really feel passion for. And I find that there are others like me.

It's The Office. (The American version.)

While I've never met anyone who outwardly hates the show, I usually get one of two responses:
A) vague disinterest, or
B) wicked obsessive glee, bordering on infatuation

I myself am truly infatuated with this show, and it is an odd experience to make contact with others who share my experience.

You can see the vibrant gleam in the eye when you mention the title pf the show, followed by a wide grin and a rapid recollection of all the high points of every episode of the last three seasons... "Did you see when Michael said... But Jim didn't see the... And the CIA episode! And the Bobblehead! And the sensitivity training! And the kitchen Fire! And the Vampire episode! And the boat!! I can't believe Roy tried to... and poor Pam! poor poor Pam! Oh, the art show episode. Yes, the art show episode...."

Then, once every jot and tiddle has been spewed out and handed back and forth, both fans can sit and bask in the silence, recalling the same favorite segments silently once again as they grin stupidly to themselves. If it were sex, this would be the point where you would light the cigarette.

What's odd, or at least odd to me, is who this seems to occur with. Rarely have I had this conversational experience with strangers. It has mostly been with co-workers, friends and family members who I have known for many years. It is, sometimes, like meeting them again for the first time.

I know of no other show that has ever had this effect. I think they are hypnotizing us during the commercials.


  1. I like the show, but it seems like I am always out of the country when it is on.

  2. Oh yeah.. and from here your blog has the following text associated with it:

    "Để lại nhận xét của bạn" and

    "Có thể mất một lúc để nhận xét của bạn xuất hiện trên trang web tại bài đăng gốc"

    Just thought you should know.

  3. You should be used to vague disinterest by now.

  4. Oh and of course, there was the episode when it was found out Oscar was gay and they did that gay seminar thing.... sooo sooo funny.

    I knew as soon as I saw the title to this blog it only had to be about one thing. And I felt the insane glee. Oh yes, I felt it.

    The British one is quite hilarious as well... Ricky Gervais is a genius and I thank him for allowing the American Office to be possible. :)

  5. My sister likes The Office. I've never seen it, but put it on my TiVo list. It's cool that it's a PA show.

  6. J: I can't think of any other Pennsylvania shows. Have there been any?

  7. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  8. And, didn't My So-Called Life take place somewhere in PA?


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