Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Devil's Point

I thought that I'd seen it all.

Fat girls. Tall girls. Girls on fire. Waify flat girls in ill-fitting fetish wear. Girls missing arms. Girls missing teeth. Girls covered in tattoos, vinyl, and yogurt.

I've seen girls with hairy pits. Girls with pregnant bellies. Girls with poor hygiene.

I've seen them swing on poles, hang from trapeze bars and bend backwards like a slinky. They have been slathered in whip cream, soaked in a hot tub and they have even glowed in the dark.

So, how is it that I could possibly never have seen this:

Oh, it's on baby. Karaoke. Strippers. Booze. It's like some mystical unholy trinity.

Three, they say, is a magic number.

So, I say we go. I'm going at the very least. You should go too. If enough of us go, it'll be like taking the Lounge to the Lounge, as it were. Who's in?


  1. I'd love to go if I could still see....

  2. Pick a date and I'll be there.

  3. hahah... it says there is "no cover."


  4. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Yet again we all ask: How the hell did you ever get Mrs. Gin-and-Tonic to marry you?

  5. So, basically it will be like a Britney Spears video.

    Yeah, I dont know if I like my strippers smart enough to be able to read a teleprompter.

  6. I think, and I maight be wrong, but the audience performs karaoke while the strippers dance... I don't know though, so I need to find out.

    You should come up from CA and find out too.

  7. Yeah. You do karaoke, they strip to your performance. I've heard about it. I'm so there.

  8. OK, I've got two on board, Three if Carl doesn't go blind...

  9. Oh, and you should do a two-fer. Do this and then check out Sinferno at Dante's.

  10. Since they perform every Sunday - do they do church songs?

    I'm so in by the way - of course - it's mostly just to keep up my frequent flier miles but I can get my Christmas shoping done early.

  11. Wow... if there was a reason to come up for a visit (aside from some grilled pork)....

  12. This truly is the most convincing argument you've made for a roadtrip up to Portland.

    Let me get my keys...


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