Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It's been a while since I visited the old traffic meter for the Lounge. Truth be told, I lost a bit of interest. This morning, however, out of curiosity, I took a quick peek. I was shocked to discover that I had overlooked a recent three-day visit spike, about a week or so ago. While this is only interesting to me, and probably Abestis, I hit nearly 200 individual visitors on August 29, with nearly as many the day before and the day after.

Unfortunately, I am unable to go back and research the referrals that led those folks to the Lounge. However, recent trends reveal that the Lounge has become a major Google Images destination for people looking for pictures of Ass.

Whereas, once folks seeking the Proper Pronunciation of Pepperoncini came this way, we are now an ass-oriented roadside attraction along the information superhighway.

If you are indeed one of the many deviant folks (boy, girl, gay, straight, or otherwise...) pursuing prurient pleasure and quick ass-satisfaction: Welcome! We're glad you could stop by.

I try to be a good host. So, lest you be disappointed, here is your veritable buffet of butts:

Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit. Please be sure to come back and visit again sometime. I promise, some of the words are interesting too...


  1. Ok - which one is your butt?

  2. No tranny fish ass?

  3. dont ever show sack matter what

  4. You know, Dr. B, out of all the hind-flesh on display, I find it curious that your attention was drawn to the oily man with sack...

  5. In order to attract British ass googlers, you need to add arse and bum to your tags

  6. Its important to be well-known for something...

  7. This may be the G&T record arse/bum/ass blog. The blog show exceptional quality, quantity and diversity. My complements to the author.


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