Tuesday, September 25, 2007


How bad does the American government have to be for me to start thinking that lunatic Iranian presidents have a good point?

Pretty bad, I suppose.

My head hurts. I'm going to bed.


  1. You might want to be a little more specific about what you argee with. The man made some pretty wacky comments over the past couple of days.

  2. "In Iran, we do not have homosexuals, like in your country."

    "If the Holocaust is a reality of our time, a history that occurred, why is there not sufficient research that can approach the topic from different perspectives?"

    I'm surprised the State Department gave him a visa to enter the U.S.

  3. Wait, we have homosexuals in our country?

  4. As Jon Stewart said: We don't have gays in our conservative party in American either. Just dudes that like to fuck other dudes.

  5. I should probably clarify...

    Ahmadinejad is our own creation, well, us and the Brits. He is the president of a revolutionary party which rose to power and maintains its power in response to our abussive and arrogant policies in the middle east.

    When we take wealth and resources out of a developing nation long enough, leaving the people in a form of perpetual poverty, while propping up unscrupulous leaders at the top, the people will wrap themselves in a cause (e.g. socialism, islam, nationalism) and they will rebel.

    It is true that jews and homosexuals are not popular among radical muslims. It is shrewd of Ahmadinejad, therefore to raise those hot button topics here. Obviously, right-minded Americans will defend against those attacks. So, regardless of what happens, he can go home and say either: "Look, the Great America with its freedoms denied me the right to speak." or, if we do let him speak, "Look the great America loves jews and homosexuals." Either way, he solidifies himself as a leader of the Cause.

    Which is worrisome, because I beleive the Cause is larger than most folks realize. Ahmadinejad and other islamic leaders in the last few years have used the phrase "The Islamic Nation" which suggests a broader unity than just Iran, Pakistan, Syria or Afganistan.

    In our arrogance, we have now dotted the map of the middle east with propped up puppet governments which cannot support themselves. We are having to support and protect them, but we are now over extended. When it all crumbles appart, there will be a widespread unified islamic Cause, and we will have nothing.

    So, when Ahmadinejad makes reference to the arrogant policies of the West, meaning us, I tend to see his point...

  6. According to Revelations, The choosen people "the jews" will loose their Western ally in the end times. I'm guessing we would be considered an ally of sorts. Iran is working with the North Koreans to develope nuclear weapons.

    So heres a question to ponder...

    Do we Bomb Iran first or after they bomb Isreal? They would be willing to sacrafice they entire country to erradicate the Jews.

    Wow, did I just get a flash back to the 70's or what. Wheres my velour v-neck?

  7. Or...

    We could open a multilateral dialogue with regional stakeholders, while we direct global assets toward developing a self-sustainable Palestinian economy, thus minimizing poverty and reducing tensions along the Gaza border.

    Thus, diminishing the inflamatory influence of Hamas, Syria and eventually Iran.

    Of course, it's more fun to just bomb them...

    See how the mighty Babylon has fallen

  8. Anonymous11:48 AM

    My head now hurts too

  9. Mr. G&T is right that the Brits and Americans contributed to many of the modern problems in the Middle East beginning with the aftermath of World Way I and II. But I disagree that Arabs as a community are blameless vicitms of big western countries. They are their own worst enemy

    Arab leaders have been talking about unifying all Arabs under their own banner in a Nation of Islam at least since WWI. But the Arab leaders will never agree on who should lead. The will continue to destroy themselves with this 1000 year old civil war.

    The US should not get in the middle.

  10. Ryan has a good point.

  11. Both Ryan and Mr G&T make good points

    However in order to open a multilateral dialogue, all parties must agree to it and open the lines of communication. But they all think they are right and are too stubborn to listen or communicate with their so called enemies.
    The only thing they do agree on is that they hate the big bad American and Brits so whatever help we suggest they won't want a part of it

    A Mozambique Catholic ArchBishop has just made the accusation that European condoms are infected with AIDS as are the antiviral drugs. We are apparently doing this to quickly kill off the African people.

    Unfortunately these so call leaders have influence over their people. The Africans will believe their archbishop, the Arab people will believe their leader. He'll go home to tell them that a nasty university man shouted at him, he was refused entry to Ground Zero and that all Americans are homosexuals who do not believe in God
    And they will believe him

    Ryan is right - we shouldn't get in the middle, because all we are doing is bringing bodies home with no end to any Iraq or Afghanistan hostilities. Why should Iran be any different?

    We should butt out - and then Mr G&T can post more butt..

  12. red neck4:04 PM

    woo hooo Nascar baby!!!

  13. akbar4:16 PM

    Silly Americans...As long as you keep drinking my slurpees and I can look at teens peeing on the web I am happy.

  14. Anonymous9:27 PM

    you think that hair is real?


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