Monday, September 10, 2007

Good Tidings of Great Joy

Dr. B has cast his potent seed upon fertile soil, and has spawned once again. He and Mrs. Dr. B welcomed their second son, Baby-P, into the world over the weekend.

The baby weighed something like 37 pounds and was at least three feet long. From the pictures, it appears that he clawed his way out via mom's spleen. Dr. B was smiling, at least, so I guess all is well.

Congratulations to the Dr. B family!


  1. We like to refer to him as P-smity.
    There will be pics of him bottomless floating around the internet soon. That's how he rolls word up. Pimp shit.

  2. Birth by spleen, eh? That's utterly remarkable. And kind of gross.

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  4. Is "birth by spleen" a euphemism for a C section. there is something very "Alien" about "birth by spleen."

    Congratulations Dr. B!

  5. Congratulations to Dr B and family on gaining another college fund

    You now need to try for the girl.

  6. Nah, I don't think Dr. B. wants girls, he'll be far more satisfied if he has boys that will do inappropriate things to the female children of his friends. It's far more nefarious and rewarding.

    Oh, and congratulations, I guess. Better you, than me!

  7. I wouldn't expect anything less from my boys. I hope they bring home some hotties. Pool party anyone?


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