Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Would Have Given Him a B+

It is sort of like a jazz riff, or an abstract painting. The basic elements are there. He displays a mastery of the subject. It's just that there's all that other stuff...

Here, I dunno, I thought it was funny.

Read it here.


  1. Nice paper. I loved that the teacher continued grading the paper despite the language and drug induced rantings.

  2. Hey wait, didn't we draw a Quest cartoon during class to get out of a few history assignments?

    And we got A's for those. Not fair, I tell you.

  3. That's exactly what this reminded me of...

  4. My eyes are bleeding...... but I feel as though I have learned so much.

  5. Mrs. G&T2:12 PM

    For what it is, the report IS complete and fairly accurate.

    I wonder at the grading system. Words I don't like get a "-1". How is that justified? "Fucking" = -1. Dissed, well, that's OK. They were spelled accurately (well, most of the time), and (mostly) gramatically correct. There were also deductions for smart-assedness, again despite proper spelling and grammar.

    My guess is that this guy was perfectly sober and perfectly pissed-off in the way that only a righteous teenager can be. If the Monkey wrote that paper and got a D-, I would personally ask the teacher to meet with me and the principal to justify his grading scheme.

  6. #1 Player Hater6:13 PM

    Looks like a motion for summary judgment I filed in federal court recently. I won.

    The Order read, “Mad props. Word.”


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