Monday, August 13, 2007


The office is slow today, and it is time for lunch. I think I will wander down to the carts for some pork tacos. Once again, however, I face the grand dilemma. Fancy food cart with spicy guacamole-laden tacos al pastor, or slightly weather-beaten taco trailer from the unfashionable far side of the parking lot...

The fancy tacos are to die for. hell, they may be to kill for...

The rustic tacos are sublime and authentic. They are like a Caribbean fiesta in your mouth.

Perhaps I will get both.

Viva los tacos al pastor!! Ole!!


  1. How was the fiesta in your mouth? It sounded like a promo for gay porn, which is right up your alley.

  2. "El Guapo," Estrella de los "A Donde Esta Mi Pantalones" y "El Macho Grande" en la cinema nuevo: "El Hombre Bonito!"

    Que Bueno!!

  3. Hmmm... "fiesta in your mouth" is just not right...

    Then again, some of the best food one can find is often not in parallel to its "ambiance"

  4. You forget, the households on either side of me are spanish speaking...I hear this stuff all the time.

  5. El Hombre X4:52 PM

    The "Mouth Fiesta" costs $2.00 extra in Manila.

  6. you lot are dirty

  7. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Ok I'm salivating. Thank you very much.

  8. Anonymous9:02 AM

    how much extra for a dirty sanchez?

  9. The Dirty Sanchez is always free...


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