Thursday, August 16, 2007


As I scooped the dead blue female from the rocky crevice with my finger, I paused to wonder...

The filtration was clean and strong. The bacterial colony of the bio filter had been percolating for a week. The water had recently been 50% changed, and was well-aerated.

This was the third mass-killing in as many weeks. It was becoming a bit of a mystery.

I have committed to keeping the aggressive and stunning sexually dimorphic Kenyi, a cichlid species from Lake Malawi in Africa. They require certain particular water conditions, but I have been careful to create those. Still, they die.

The fourth family, one male with three females, currently reside. I am adhering to a slave-like water conditioning regimen. This morning, I arrived to discover the tell-tale cloudiness of a bacterial bloom in the water. This is normal for new tanks and harmless to the fish. What isn't harmless, however, is the invisible toxins upon which the bacteria are feasting.

A quick lab test revealed higher-than-wanted ammonia levels, and I took the required precautions, including a 15% fresh water exchange.

Later this morning, as I reviewed a few articles on water quality, I discovered that most municipal water treatment plants no longer use chlorine to clean the tap water. Rather, they use Chloramine, a sort of chlorine-ammonia mix.


Mystery solved. During the current water-cycling process, I will need to maintain a frequent water-change schedule. However, now, I will use added caution in treating the new water.

Then, maybe, I will not have to scoop dead females out of rocks anymore...


  1. Does that mean bottled water for the fishies, then?

  2. I've actually considered it.

  3. Who's Karl Rove?

  4. That's the question we should all be asking ourselves...

  5. Ah, gross. Fish tanks are too complicated. But fishies are so pretty!
    They taste yummy, too. But not the little fish tank kind!

  6. OK, I'll bloody google him then if you're not going to tell me...

  7. You're gonna google Karl Rove? That sounds... seamy...

  8. Karl Rove needs a good, hard google.

  9. Notice that Brian's ideal "family unit" is one male and three females...
    I assume then, we'll need to distinguish among Mrs G&T#1, Mrs G&T#2, and Mrs G&T#3

  10. Funny you should say that..

  11. Mrs G&T the Second5:35 PM

    Yep, you will.

  12. Why do I feel like I'm watching "Big Love"?

  13. the original mrs. g&t10:04 PM

    I actually prefer to think of Mrs. G&T the Second as Mrs. Mrs. G&T. I am thoroughly in support of her getting her own wife, except that role is currently being held by the Brother of Mrs. Mrs., and, despite his extremely gay tendencies, I'm not seeing Brian in a candlelit shower with him. I guess that means we're still looking for wife #3.

  14. I'm very confused by this geometry. Yes. Mrs G&T # 2 has a brother who is her own wife, Mrs. G&T#2-2, as it were. However, I am drunk, and I trust nothing that Tom or I have to say.

    So, as the yeellow-stiped male kenyi, as it were, I say this:

    When you are making homemade margaritas, make them with uncrushed ice and 100% top shelf tequila. Add 25% Cointreau, and a full squeezed lime.

    Fuck margarita mix!

    It helps, if you have a Matthew McConaughey movie playing,

    Oh fuck, what was I saying???


  15. Mrs. Mrs. G&T8:33 AM

    Ooooo, I like Mrs. Mrs. G&T better than Mrs. G&T #2. And, although I do refer to my brother as a wife from time to time, he prefers being called the house bitch.


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