Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Happy birthday to Oosje. I hope you feel better.

Happy birthday to Tom. I hope the rash clears up.

...and for those readers who live in Taiwan, Happy Father's Day!


  1. Damn, I'm glad you posted this. It reminded me that today is also my friend Steve's birthday... better go send him an e-card.

  2. Happy birthday Oosje! Sorry you aren't feeling well.

  3. I still remember we thought that Tom's heart would stop on 8-8-88.

    Maybe it was the oozing black prostitute that we made for him. Where the hell are those pictures?

    Maybe it will happen next year...8-8-08

    Happy birthday Oosje, may your day not be filled with puss.

    I know Tom's is.

  4. Oh,I have the pictures...

  5. Happy Birthday Tom.

    Hope you had some good goat love'n!

  6. Oosje9:55 PM

    Happy Birthday to you... TOM. I'm singing... can you hear me? What a pair we are to share this day. An oozing black prostitute????

    Thank you b.s. for the birthday wishes, Oh, and thanks, Brian, too. I am feeling better already.

  7. Happy belated birthday to you Oosje. We are one of a kind. Except there's two of us. Oh, and Steve apparently. I was feeling special with the birthday wishes and now I realize I'm just another social security number.


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