Tuesday, June 19, 2007


"Brian!" he said, as he approached with an outstretched hand. It was a fat hand, and his face was round to match.

I was at a loss. It was obvious that he knew me, but ten years had gone by, and he no longer looked like the kid he once was. Apparently he had found a career as a professional Twinkie taster, or some such...

He drew nearer, and his name tag came into view. "Chuck!" I said, relieved that I had avoided a social faux pas. There was a lot of that sort of thing on that particular night.

A class reunion is an exercise in macabre fascination. It is a gruesome spectacle where morbid curiosity collides with paralyzing insecurity, all under the cloak of brash egotistical indifference.

Throw a bit too much alcohol into the mix and you have the stuff of magic!

That reunion was many years ago, and its sequel approaches in just a few years.

Of more immediate concern, however, is the event rapidly arriving in July. It's been 10 years, my friends, since many of us parted ways with WUCL. 10 years to start, stop, and re-start our careers. The invitations have been sent. Booze is being served, and we, as a class, have a reputation to uphold. Some of you live in California. Some in Nevada. Some live in Idaho, and maybe some in Washington. Many of you still live here.

So, what's it going to be? Who's in? Who's going? Who's gone bald? Who's gotten fat? Who's gotten married? Who's gone gay? Who can still drink? Who shouldn't drink so much? Who's gotten old? Who's quit law all together?

The answers to these questions can only be found in one place.
So, who's going?


  1. Oh, can I go too? That sounds like a ball of fun...a bunch of drunk lawyers in the same place.
    Will all the egos fit in the same room?

  2. A bunch of drunk lawyers in the same place are bound to need a dentist sooner or later as they all try to shoehorn their egos in. I'm predicting there will be some busted up mouths to go with those crushed egos.

  3. Drunk people fall down a lot too.
    Man, I could clean up.

    Fred, I'm doubting that there will be any fighting, we are talking about Law School in Oregon. Maybe they will throw granola at each other.

  4. If someone throws a lawyer joke into the midst of it, will punches be thrown? Business will be booming, b.s.!

    Oh, and this reminded me that it also means it's been 10 years since I graduated from college... where does the time go?

  5. Yes, it is Oregon so they will probably start out simply waving their birkenstocks at one another, but they are lawyers too and I think that will win out in the end.

  6. have fun! my h.s. 10 year was a disappointment, maybe the 20 will be better.


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