Saturday, June 02, 2007


Mount Baldy is obscured by "haze." No big surprise there, really. I had a sickening feeling as I flew in through the brown-layer yesterday.

The Jesusification is in high gear. It is likely to get worse as the "Going Home" party gets under way.

I'm going to need a drink. Very soon.


  1. Oosje6:00 PM

    I'm having a drink with you in sprit...I'm toasting you and your family...Mrs. G & T and the Monkey and the Mockingbird. Take care of yourself.

  2. The frist round of Flaming Dr. Peppers are on me! Hey - not literally!

    I know Mrs. Tom is curious.......(insert evil laugh if I had one).

  3. Just because you've lost a little on top doesn't mean you have to refer to yourself as Mt Baldy.

    I'm sipping on a G&T in honor of the Jesusapalooza.

  4. Say Hi to your sister for me.


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