Monday, June 11, 2007


It was swell, and all, to see all y'all down there in the land of the chemically-enhanced sunsets. Colors like that just don't occur in nature.

I regret not having been able to spend more quality time with Dr. B, but then again, a little goes a long way...

Pleasantly, however, I was able to see Mitch, whom I have not seen since his wedding way back when. (...and quite the shindig that was!) Even better, though, was the chance to get better acquainted with Mrs. Mitch.

In the few fleeting minutes that I spent with her prior to the previously-mentioned nuptials, she seemed sweet, but really, I was too distracted by the open margarita bar to really get a good fix.
Finally, though, after all these many years, I was able to sit down and take stock.

I am happy to report that our pal Mitch is in good hands. Charming. Tasteful. Witty. In actuality, she's really too good for him. (And don't worry, he knows...)

We snacked. We drank. We swapped humiliating stories. We eventually sat down for some finely grilled fare, and Mrs. Mitch brought out her bowl of mashed potatoes.

"If you weren't already married, you'd want to marry my wife after you taste those potatoes." Said Mitch, as he passed a platter of grilled zucchini.

"Mitch is engaging in his usual dose of hyperbole..." I thought to myself, as I reached for the white potato bowl.

I noticed first the weight. These were no ordinary mashed potatoes. My suspicions were confirmed moments later as I dipped deeply into the perky peaks of white.

They were dense. Very dense, and weighty. They were an oddly-pure shade of white, and had the combined consistency of butter, icing, and meringue. They were creamy. They were smooth. They were perfect.

I'm not going to say that those potatoes changed my life, because, well, that would just be sad. All I know is, right now, I could eat some more.

Thanks again to Mitch and Mrs. Mitch! If nothing else, the potatoes were worth the drive...


  1. Next time...lots of alcohol and lots more stories. Maybe a steak or too.

  2. mmmm... steak... mmmm... alcohol...
    Let's not forget that Mrs. G&T also was willing to propose.

    Though, that could have been the scotch.

    The cigars were good too...

    Thank you to Mr & Mrs G&T for coming down and enjoying a little SoCal hospitality. It was great to have you.

  3. Thanks Mr G&T! My potatoes are now famous! Nice hangin with you, mrs G&T and little G&T.

  4. What, the hot dogs at my house weren't good enough for you?


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