Sunday, June 17, 2007

Deep Yellow

The week is over and I return to the world of the working in the morning. I have been as productive as was reasonable. I even managed to see a movie.

The downstairs family room has a new coat of paint. We were shooting for parchment, but it came out a little more "yellowy." The missus assures me that it is a warm deep yellow. I keep catching fearful eyefuls of orange. In the wrong light, I see tangerine.

Whatever. The work is done. The walls are dry. The furniture is put back in place.

In a last ditch effort to complete my punch card for the week, and to stave off a revolt from my neighbors, I attacked the lawns this afternoon. Too many weeks of neglect allowed a myriad of unwanted alien species to take root in my yard. I mowed. I clipped. I hacked. I pulled. I sprayed. The whole thing looks like it has been through trauma.

I looks more like Supercuts than Vidal Sassoon.

Being June, it is also allergy season, and my usual dose of antihistamines was no match for the onslaught. My voice is still scratchy from the sneezing, and my right nostril still feel like it has collapsed.

Got it done though.

OK, so, this post wasn't so exciting. They can't all be winners.
Fine, here is a picture of some wookies:


  1. Another reason to live in smoggy southern california...we have gardeners, lots of them.

  2. hey, at least the wookies are naked.

  3. And, how many gardeners will you have after immigration reform?

  4. About 1,117 per day.

  5. Anonymous1:37 PM

    about 30% of men are color blind

  6. Nothing perks up a pedestrian post like a picture of some wookies...
    Or nudes of Dita Von Teese.

    ...I'm just saying....


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