Tuesday, June 26, 2007

@#$! (2 of 3)

"Yes, the dark side," I said, as I laughed without conviction.

I was calling people today, people who knew me, to talk about things and stuff. Some were learning for the first time about my new position. Some were confused. All made the same predictable joke.

The conversations were had in rapid fashion. All were a little uncomfortable, occurring as they were with folks who last knew me as one of their own, working on their side. All were conducted, though, with a sound sense of humor.

What made the experience odd was the steady stream of email I was receiving from a friend, at the exact same time, who was testing the bounds of their employer's email surveillance system. A steady stream of horribly incendiary subject lines flooded my in-box, leading to a similar strain of perfectly innocuous textual content.

Someone, somewhere within that system's strata, had determined that certain naughty words were simply naughtier than others. In an attempt to protect perfectly adequate adults from reading prurient-like pronouncements, the system apparently purges certain messages that contain certain words. Oddly enough, the word "Cock" passed the test, whether in reference to a bird or otherwise, while "Pussy" failed, despite its feline affinity. Someone, of course, programmed the program to edit and sensor personal communication.

Which, when you think of it, is really quite creepy. I mean, what sort of pathetically depraved voyeur reads other people's email? It is a violation of basic human respect. It is undignified, loathsome and contemptible. Worm-like, even. Shameful.

But, I digress.

Plowing through the third season of Deadwood, as we are, we are brought face to face with the murkiest currents of the English language, delivered, however, with Shakespearean eloquence. The meter, iambic or otherwise, is measured and broken with strategically placed "cock suckers." "Fuck" is uttered with such aplomb, that it seeps into the background like a set dressing...

There is a dramatic purpose to it all, of course, yet two words are delivered by the actors with palpable reserve. Being a period piece, as it is, set in the antebellum dark ages, the "N" word is used judiciously. And yes, I refer to it euphemistically, as it causes me a great degree of distaste. Sure, I'll rattle off the lesser pejoratives and four letter words, but not that one.

I think, perhaps, it is the worst word in our language. Perhaps, the only true bad one.

The only other word referenced with reservation is "Cunt." I'm not sure why this word is so horrible, it is just a body part after all, but it does seem to draw ire. Please see Allie's post for further discussion...

So, there it is. Sorry if you were offended.

Actually no. I'm not sorry. If you are offended by the Lounge, you do not have to read it.


  1. The "N" word is despicable to me when muttered by anyone.

    I'm not sure I've ever heard "cunt" on tv, but Allie has given me a new appreciation for the word.

  2. So, who did you punch in the head as a result of hearing the stupid "dark side" joke again?

  3. I decided to takeit out on the Lounge...

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I wasn't the only one sending potentially inflammatory emails. You sent the "ball sack" email. (Which, when said aloud, sounds so much like Balzac.)

    I am surprised that "scolding tit" made it through the filter, but not "shaved pussy." I came up with another one last night, but can't recall what it was now. If I remember it, I'll email it to you to see if it gets through.

  5. I really appreciate the mention, Brian, as I like to think that post was particularly utilitarian. LOL

    And you're right, even I won't say the N word. It simply revolts me. But unlike "cunt," that word was designed with the express purpose of hurting and degrading others. Cunt has simply been an evolution. lol


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