Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not To Make Light of Another's Misfortune...

But, do you know anyone who is not 100% gleeful about the jail time?
I mean, folks who were sitting around me actually hooted for joy when the news of her "return" to jail broke.
How can someone so universally despised still maintain so much media power??

Oh, right...


  1. Well.... if your blog is any guide - there are just people you love to hate.

    As the fine "artist" Lady Sovereign noted:
    "Love me or hate me, its still an obsession."

  2. I am neither a religious or political person. Living in a liberal college town makes me just keep my mouth shut. However, I have strangly remained a Republican due by in large to their fiscal policies. Now I find out W wants to get this immigration bill passed to let all the border jumpers become instant citizens. They will be eligible to receive health care, education, social security. Guess what people, we all get to work extra hard to pay for them too.

    Does this piss off anyone else?

  3. If you have been voting Republican, you are getting what you deserve.

    As for Paris, my favorite wrinkle in her jail drama is her new-found belief in god and how she isn't going to act "dumb" anymore. Anyone want to put down a bet for how long that will last?

  4. Yes, I deserve to be punished because I like speaking English and think that people who pay taxes should get Federal services. What a fucking racist bastard I am.

    Brian, you got any nudes of Paris?

  5. b.s. -- Bush is a RINO, and that was obvious pretty much from the get-go. He's a socially-conservative socialist. The worst of both worlds.

  6. A little touchy about your Republicanism. I was merely pointing out that you get what you deserve if you are voting for their non-existent fiscal responsibility. But, if you are racist, you go have fun with that.

  7. Yoshino Nakamura10:13 PM

    I almost expected to see a picture of me instead of GW.

  8. yeah sorry about that...someone peed in my cheerios.

    No, I'm not a racist. I enjoy all peoples of the world and their cultures.

    Yes, I am a regitered republican. I did not vote for Bush nor do I agree with his verbal vomit.

    My biggest mistake is being a small business owner in California.

    Shame on me.

  9. I've taken my time giving my two cents since it kinda kills me to say that I agree with Dr. Bri....but I do.

    I'll admit - I have found that I have been a lone positive supporter of GWB until very recently - mostly imagration has finally broken my faith bubble.

    First - I get a divorce.
    Second - I stop going to church.
    Third - I forgive Ayumi.

    Now this.

    Wow - before you know it I'll be smoking weed and running a porn company with my brother. catholic guilt is still too strong.


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