Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Circle of Life

In the fish tank this morning...

The last of the mollies has died. It has also, unfortunately, wedged itself into a crevice under my bubble wand.

One of the Red Wag Platties has laid another egg sack, this time tangled in one of the fake plastic sea trees.

The bi-sexual Ramhorns are currently wrestling in one of the other fake plastic sea trees. They also seem to have spawned a new baby snail.

All of the various tetras remain aloof.


  1. You know how I know that your gay....you have tetras. Oh yeah, and you like Dave Mathews.

  2. Really? The fact that I let you blow me wasn't the give away?

  3. Did you get that on tape?

  4. Anonymous11:24 AM

    That must be what's on the black tape. And it would explain why Dr. Brian has the tape.

  5. Why does your wife trust you with the Monkey?

  6. Because she didn't really want kids.

  7. Ok I have an idea - Big Bri you start the "all cock all the time" network and Dr. Bri you start the "little girls playing with legos all the time" network - and then maybe we can have just one blog that doesn't go back to Bri's junk!

  8. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I'm with Ev. You gay boys need to stop talking about cock all the time. Its getting a bit boring.

  9. a crevice under my bubble wand.



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