Thursday, July 20, 2006

Map Quest

So, this thing isn't working as well as I wished.

Still and all, click the button, have some fun, tell us who your are.

(Lisa from Wales gets the blame for this one. I ripped it off from her blog months ago...)

Free Guestmap from Bravenet

Reading for Comprehension
1. Yes, my last couple of entries of been half-assed and dinky. The Muse appears to be on vacation this week. Anyone have the number for a Muse-Temp service?
2. Are you actually thinking about not pinning yourself? C'mon you can still play annonymous on the map.
3. No, I do not have herpes. Stop asking.


  1. 1. I just think you have used up all your good ideas. You can kill yourself now.

    2. I think I will post this map on my Blog and use it to track my travels so that you can see where I am and share in my glory.

    3. I have heard that there are some great new medications for Herpes. But in the future, I really would stop sharing drinks and what not with the strippers... When she rubs that ice cube on her niblets and drops it back in your drink... order a new drink.

  2. OK im on the map, do I get a cookie now?

  3. People started claiming ownership of small islands in mine....

  4. the City of Salem9:58 AM

    Speaking of strippers, map this: South Commercial, easy walking distance to inog's!

  5. I recommend starting a comic strip then.

  6. You might be able to hide the herpes with a hat.


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