Friday, July 07, 2006

Intercontinental Mixology

I have been asked to bartend for a friend's party Saturday night. The theme of the party is a progressive around-the-world tour. 20 people, or so, will start the evening at my friend's house, whose national theme is Germany, then will move on to other culturally-themed houses.

I will be serving German beer, Jaeger shots, and things made with Peach Schnapps.

I did not design the drink list.

As I will be working in "Germany," I plan to dress as an SS officer. Or, perhaps, Gestapo. Ich mus deine Papiere sehen, bevor du etwas trinken kannst. Papiere! Schnell!

I may also be working the Mexico house as well. Corona, tequila, and margaritas. Yo quiero mas cervesa, por favor. Mi lapiz azul es muy grande!

A request for the kilt has been made, but seeing how the third house is Ireland, I figured it could cause a tussle...

Reading for comprehension
1. I can mix drinks and legally marry people. Add a DJ table, and I could be an-all-in-one wedding service.
2. Why, when Germany is supposed to be the beer capital of the world, is it so hard to find German beer?
3. What do you suppose Ireland, Belgium and Oregon have to say about Germany being a beer-capital?


  1. I like the way #1 is not even a question and only marginally related to the blog.

  2. I say dress like a catholic school girl at the mexican theme house.

  3. BS, I think you still have my school girl dress. Can I get that back from you?

  4. Anonymous10:07 AM

    So, at this party, you are expected to drink and manage to get from one house to another? This sounds like a ploy by the cops to round up some drunk drivers. Are you all too lazy to do a real pub crawl?

  5. Is there a Korea House?

    Will you serve Soju and sak-sak juice?

  6. I keep the sak sak juice to myself...

  7. I think you need a Welsh house..

    Welsh bitter and Welsh Rarebit

    my word verificaion is ymeoow - because i like to be a kitten?

  8. Chicks dig kilts.

  9. yes, but only drunken middle-aged women

  10. Brian the SS Officer3:07 PM

    Wo sind meine Hosen? Ich habe Fraubrüste.


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