Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Geek Out

I have been at a loss, in a bit of a quandary. See, in case you were not aware, I'm a geek, and geeks need something to geek-out over. Unfortunately:

The Lord of the Rings has gone into the west.

Star Wars has become one with the Force.

The Matrix has fallen down the rabbit hole.

Star Trek has beamed up. (Yes, I know about the JJ Abrams abomination...)

The Harry Potter actors will be 30 before JK finished book 7.

Spiderman, Batman, Superman movies are only vaguely marginal.

There is nothing left to look forward to! There is nothing left to anticipate. I mean, I suppose I still have Battlestar Galactica. Fantastic as it is, though, it doesn't generate the hype or longing that a major geek-oriented motion picture does. So, gazing into the celluloid void, only one star is visible on the distant horizon.

Only one slightly-hazy, yet familiar, object of geek desire looms beyond reach. The question is, will anyone care? Will I care? Will it be worthy of a full-blown geek out?

Take a look at the video below. This will be tomorrow's blog topic:

No Reading for Comprehension questions today.

Today's post is merely preparatory for tomorrow's post. Think of it as homework.

Very good. You get a gold star.


  1. He's no Bond...

    Still say should have been Clive Owen

  2. Any chance Halley Berry is in this one? Shes makes me have a chocolate fantasy.

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Since when was Bond geek fare?

    Although, I have to say, after watching Daniel Craig in Layer Cake and Munich, I have to admit the man has charisma. I don't know how he will do as Bond, but I'm glad they didn't pick Clive. I love Clive, but it is'nt the role for him.

  4. I havent seen Munich but he was great in Layer Cake

    But he just doesn't look like Bond to me - he's too...well blond.

    Clive was made to be Bond - well he was made for me but the restraining order is hard to get round

  5. I thought Tony Blair was the new Bond...?


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